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This page was originally written to demonstrate that OpenBSD is indeed not "a server OS" or "a hacker OS". It is used by a lot of people on workstations and home PCs. This page when it first appeared had the statement 'OpenBSD is not suitable to use as a desktop OS? Hah!' on the top. Now it has this explanation.

It has been rightfully pointed out that there are millions of screenshots about Gimp while there are far too few about how you make this or that work. This requires due attention; indeed, you need the latter much more than the former. Still, this page exists and will continue to exist, to announce to the world what is stated in the first paragraph. It is not "an official OpenBSD screenshot page", because there isn't one. This is just my personal way of OpenBSD advocacy.

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Running Gimp 1.2, Konqueror and Vi Improved 5.7 under KDE 2.1.1 - all available in prebuilt packages for i386 or ports for all architechtures.

KDE configuration

Running KDE 2.1.1 configuration.


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Running Gimp 1.2.

Hacking around

Editing kernel startup source while going to update Apache 1.3.19 from OpenBSD anonCVS and build it. (Spotting the catchya is left as an exercise to the reader.)


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More hacking

Editing pdksh source, rebuilding it from OpenBSD anonCVS and debugging it with gdb, the GNU debugger.

Handling packages

Downloading a flavor of mutt from prebuilt packages for i386 with ncftp, compiling a flavor of it from ports for all architechtures, and viewing through the automatic security outputs with exmh.


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There's music too

Peter Valchev is running gqmpeg, FVWM 2 and Gimp 1.2 on OpenBSD 2.7. Originally stolen from with permission.

ICQ and Netscape

Alex Farber is running licq, an ICQ clone for Unix, Netscape and Vi Improved 5.7 on IceWM.

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